MYLASH EMPORIUM Championship 6/7 October 2019

  1. Championship dedicated to the professionals of Microblading, Eyebrow Design and Eyelashes Stylists.
  2. It is obligatory to register to send a copy of your certificate to me via email: Upon successful registration, participants should receive a confirmation email. Alert the organizers as soon as possible when participants do not receive the confirmation email as this may imply that the registration was NOT processed.
  3. Professionals from all over the world and at all levels can participate.
  4. Organization of the event provides the marquise, table of support and an energy source.
  5. The marquise paper, utensils, products for carrying out the work,  cushion, , disposable and the rest necessary to carry out the work during the competition and the responsibility of each participant.
  6. The Participant must present himself / herself on the premises of the championship 1 hour before registering for the nomination. Participants will receive the code number in the competition arena.
  7. The Participant must bring his / her model together when registering.
  8. The Model must be over 18 years old.
  9. Time control will be timed by the organization.
  10. 10 minutes before the start of the competition the participant must install his lamp and arrange the products and work utensils. All kit boxes and bags (other than personal bags should be placed under the chairs). The competition should not be left unnecessary above the marquise or table of support. Strictly prohibited the use of mobile phones during the competition.
  11. 5 minutes before the start of the competition you can apply the patch to the model and prepare the eyelashes for placement. You can not begin the placement of eyelash extensions at this time. The participant who breaks these rules will be decalcified.
  12. Lash-Check will not be carried out, based on that the model’s eyelashes and eyes are in perfect condition, any anomaly or important detail about its model that the organization should know can advise the Vigilante of the competition area.
  13. It is strictly forbidden to start working before announcing the beginning of the organization. You may be at risk of being penalized (- 5 points) or disqualified.
  14. At the time of the competition and in cases strictly necessary, the professional and model may go to the bathroom as soon as the supervisor is notified.
  15. In order to solve any doubts during the competition you can ask the help of the watchers, not the organizers, the court, etc.

16.After the end of time signal, participants should immediately stop work, and clean the workspace as quickly as possible (at max 10 min), at this time the model should go to the jury for evaluation with the patch and the disposable brush.

  1. Capturing images, making videos in the contest zone will be entitled only to Professionals hired by the organization. Outside the competition area you can use your devices.
  2. The Jury evaluates only the final result. Yuri’s decision is final and can not be questioned or reviewed.
  3. The models will be photographed before and after work, before going near the courts by the organization’s photographers. After the trial, they will need to remain in the competition area for a photo shoot.
  4. Registration fees will not be refunded and are non-transferable.
  5. The organizers of the competition reserve the right to refuse entry to any participant.
  6. Each competition will have 1st, 2nd, 3rd  place, special prize of the organizer and the best work.
  7. Participants will be judged on scoring system 1-5 or 1-10. Scores sheets for all competitors will be giving away with the awards ceremony. In the case of a tie, the tie will be reviewed and a winner will be announced by the judges.
  8. Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited in the competition arena.
  9. All products must be clearly identified, handwritten labels are acceptable.
  10. All images and videos captured by members of the organizer tram are the sole property of the organizer and may be used in any way deemed appropriate by the organizer without the need to compensate participants.
  11. Participants can map, but eye patch should be clean, with no patch. The judges will remove a dot for each drop or stitch of sticker.
  12. Only the participants and their models can enter the competition arena. Any other person entering the arena must obtain permission from the organizer or staff of the organization.
  13. Each start of nomination in the competition will be informed 5 minutes before its start.
  14. All participants and role models must be present for the briefing and remain at their tables until the competition is completed.
  15. If any participant is working on the model other than the allocated one, it will be disqualified by a judge.
  16. It is the responsibility of the participant to ensure that the model understands the judgment procedure and should direct the model to the judgment.
  17. Models must not leave the courtroom until they are judged by all judges. Any model that leaves the arena of judgment before being judged will be disqualified.
  18. Any participant who does not comply with the above rules runs the risk of points being deducted from the evaluation score based on the rule that he broke.
  19. All participants should arrive promptly at designated times and should strive to be well on schedule.
  20. Participants and their models will have to check in and collect their badges to be allowed in the competition area.
  21. Prior to the start of the competition, the watchers shall check the model’s eyes for any signs of redness, infection or extensions applied.
  22. Participants should wear appropriate professional uniforms and the hair should be tied during the competition.
  23. During the championship the participant should comply with all the rules of hygiene and safety at work.
  24. All participants will receive a certificate of participation.